Paint Brush with a Lit Fuse

Willem de Kooning ordered a batch
Of custom-made long-handled
Paint brushes

Three and a half feet in length
Or just shy of that dimension
All natural bristles

A tilted brush head permitted
Full embrace with the canvas
As Bill gestured

He could watch from that distance
His painting grow before him
Under his brush

Dave, my friend and fellow painter
Has a de Kooning brush, one he’s
Never used

For Dave it has been an intimidating
Curiosity. Besides he just doesn’t
Paint that way

I do. Dave knows of my long brushes
And drawing sticks
So made me an offer

Would I accept the gift of a
Long-handled paint brush
Made for de Kooning?

Dave has seen my six foot
Long sticks with a brush

To one end and a ball
Of rag wrapping
The opposite pole

What he doesn’t know
Is how I do not clean
My brushes

I use them and abuse
Them until they
Become mute

They become hoarse
From painting
So loudly

In my hands deKooning’s
Brush could not avoid
That same fate

No disrespect is meant
A paint brush is for me
A lit fuse






Sandy Kinnee
Colorado Springs
December 2, 2018

SandyPaint Brush with a Lit Fuse