Concerning Fluttering

The photographer was in my studio shooting all the new paintings. When she and her assistant had completed the documentation task they had some free time. She had wanted to capture images of me painting, but I wasn’t painting.

Since the very first dream, as a little boy, I remember flying. I have always been able to flap my arms and kick my feet to hover over the ground. I never flew like an airplane or Superman. But, I was able to lift off and float by agitating my arms and flexing my feet. In a crude manner this simple animation captures that dream image. I often have this dream. Even in my dreams this is exhausting.

Funny how my own sensation of painting and flying feel impossible, yet natural. I have no proof that I can fly, despite attempting to recreate by flapping my arms and moving my feet during the day time. On the other hand, when I return the next day to the studio, I find on the floor a beautiful painting.