The Wedge and Hourglass Shape

The associations evoked by the earlier free-form, fan, and kimono shapes became problematic. Those shapes were loaded with deeper implications, causing undesirable reactions. The wedge and hourglass/conjoined wedge shapes came about as an attempt to create a form free from cultural associations. The least problematic shapes I continue to produce are the wedge shapes. They have become my favorite format. The wedge shape has a quality of Power, Strength, and while it has stability, I have made it asymmetric and banner like. It permits a more limited range of interpretations, but is still potent in it’s rich possibilities.

All on handmade paper, 24″ X 30″ to 24″ X 48″ There are approximately 100 wedges, some in collections, and one set commissioned for a Michael Grave designed Disney hotel, in Orlando, FL.