On Paper

The Mummy's Curse and the Armani Suit

A few hundred years of papermaking history wrapped into a talk, a tale, and an adventure. I presented this paper, in a slightly longer illustrated version, during the 2007 College Art Association conference, in New York.   It tells why I choose to continue to make my own paper when paper is so readily available and not all that expensive.

On Combat Paper

The cathartic experience of papermaking. (published in HAND PAPERMAKING, Summer 2009)

Jungle Paper

How valuable is a first edition book?

Muddy Paper

Thank you Jackie Kennedy.

Manuscript Paper

The manuscript my father-in-law left for me.

The JFK Papers

I turned the clothing I was wearing on November 22, 1963 into paper..

Bread and Paper

The root of why I make what I use, it's probably genetic.

Sliced Bread and Toilet Paper

Store-bought paper.  Store-bought bread.

Why Shaped Paper?

Answers as to how and why I decided to make paper in a non rectangular format.

What is Paper?

A poem revealing the source of the use of paper.


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